make your operation Smarter and more agile


Manage your portfolio with our comprehensive solution that puts you in complete control. From contracting and collections to reporting and analytics, DealerCenter makes it easy to stay on top of your game!

  • Deal wizard for easy deal structuring.
  • Contracting and custom print packs.
  • Loan modifications, extensions, and date changes.
  • Accounts receivable and side note management.
  • Performance dashboards, reporting, and analytics.
  • Track RFC payments and transactions with detailed reporting and notes. Facilitate 3rd party portfolio sales with performance reporting, collections, and delinquency statuses.
  • Integrated ACH & credit card payment processing.
  • Automatic recurring payments.
  • Detailed payment history, and reporting.
  • Collections queue, call tracking, and notes. 
  • Irregular payments and promise to pay tracking.
BHPH Collection and Payment
BHPH Credit Bureau Reporting via Datalinx
  • Datalinx aggregates the data and reports loan activity to the credit bureau agencies. 
  • Minimum portfolio size may be required.
  • Automate email and text messages to send payment reminders, past due notices, insurance expiration reminders, and other
    custom templates.
  • Unlimited messaging and tracking in the system so you
    can monitor all activity at any given time.
BHPH Email and SMS Messaging
Quickbooks Integration
  • Compatible with QuickBooks Online edition.
  • Run scheduled reports to send to the accountant or bookkeeper.
  • Consultative services are available in partnership with SGC Certified Public Accountants.
  • Easy auto loan selling via integration with Agora marketplace.
  • Choose loans and make them available for bidding/sale within Agora.
  • One-click integration automatically transmits loan data to Agora.
BHPH Dashboard
  • Monitor collections and portfolio performance with default
    reports and dashboards built into DealerCenter.
  • Customize your reporting and conduct your analysis to ensure you have the insights you need to be successful.