Nothing is more valuable than your customers! Our CRM module has everything you need to ensure every lead follows your defined sales process—from inception to conversion to ongoing customer engagement.


Prospect Management

  • ico-arrow-minCreate leads via Caller ID.
  • ico-arrow-minCapture your customer’s interested vehicles/wishlist.
  • ico-arrow-minAutomate customer interaction with custom workflows.
  • ico-arrow-minManage compliance for your customer base.
  • ico-arrow-minReceive notifications for appointments, pending tasks, untouched prospects, and more.
CRM 4 Prospect Management
CRM 3 Click to Call

Click to Call and Call Recording

  • ico-arrow-min Make instant calls with a single click.
  • ico-arrow-min No complicated set-up.
  • ico-arrow-min Works with any phone including cell phones/desk phones.
  • ico-arrow-min Improve sales training by recording inbound & outbound phone calls.

Road to Sale

  • ico-arrow-min Check customers in to your dealership via mobile app.
  • ico-arrow-min Create a consistent experience for your customers through a customized checklist of action items for your sales team.
  • ico-arrow-min Allow managers to see real-time showroom floor/lot activity.
CRM 4 Road to Sale

Facebook Messenger Integration

  • ico-arrow-minLead Integration
  • ico-arrow-minVideo Call Capability
  • ico-arrow-minTransfer Chat to Manager
  • ico-arrow-minIntegrated Messaging Center with
    Facebook Messenger Integration

Emails and Text Messages

  • ico-arrow-minSend bulk text messages (SMS) and emails.
  • ico-arrow-minSend text messages with vehicle images (MMS) and related media.
  • ico-arrow-minCreate custom email and SMS templates.
  • ico-arrow-minAccess a library of seasonal and special occasion emails & SMS templates.
  • ico-arrow-minTrack email/SMS delivery.
  • ico-arrow-minReceive real-time read receipts.

Tasks & Workflow Management

  • ico-arrow-min Define custom workflows to maximize customer engagement.
  • ico-arrow-min Automate outbound emails and text messages.
  • ico-arrow-min Utilize task automation to keep sales reps focused.
  • ico-arrow-min Never miss an opportunity with mobile notifications and reminders.
CRM Task and Workflow

Mobile App Enabled

  • ico-arrow-minDriver’s license scanning
  • ico-arrow-minCustomer check-in & check-out
  • ico-arrow-minSMS text and email messaging
  • ico-arrow-minCalendar, appointment & task management
  • ico-arrow-minCustomizable notifications

Dashboard & Reporting

  • ico-arrow-min Customize your dashboards and analytics based on your business.
  • ico-arrow-min Quickly see year-over-year and month-over-month trends.
  • ico-arrow-min Monitor sales rep activity.
  • ico-arrow-min Gain insights on lead vendor performance.
  • ico-arrow-minSend scheduled reports.
CRM 9 Dashboard

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