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Maximize exposure and generate more sales with our advertising and marketing integrations. Automate posting inventory to any site, including Craigslist, Autotrader, CarGurus,, Facebook and many more!

  • Automatically feed inventory to all top listing sites such as CarGurus, Autotrader, Craigslist,, and more.
  • Establish custom feeds to any site you want to list your inventory.
  • Configure posting frequency and automation preferences.
  • Enhance vehicle images with photo overlays and editing tools.
Digital Marketing Craigslist
  • Automate postings to multiple markets.
  • Schedule specific posting times and days to optimize results.
  • Utilize professionally-designed ad templates or customize your own.
  • $5 pass thru per post, no mark-up.
  • Car listing site with instant pre-qual integrated.
  • Send prequalified leads, prospect offers and vehicle inquiries directly to any DMS, CRM, or email address.
  • Customize prequalification settings and profitability minimums.
Digital Marketing Carzing
Digital Marketing Facebook
  • List inventory on a custom tab on your dealership’s Facebook page.
  • Automatically Post Promoted Inventory Ads to Facebook Marketplace and the News Feed with AutoSweet.
  • Create custom campaigns and retarget ad viewers with the AutoSweet integration.
  • Customers can chat, make offers, schedule a test drive, request a quote, and more directly from Facebook.
  • Automatically post your DealerCenter inventory to OfferUp – the largest mobile marketplace in the U.S.
  • Use OfferUp’s Promoted Placements to target buyers.
  • Easily track your vehicle ad performance with built-in analytics and reporting.
Digital Marketing OfferUp
Digital Marketing Dashboard
  • Track leads from all digital marketing campaigns.
  • Quickly view your ROI from all marketing channels.
  • View key metrics for social media activity.